Nibiaa Devices precision agriculture Solution

Investment in agriculture is the weapon against hunger and poverty. They have made it possible to feed billions of human on earth. In recent decades because of over-population and unsustainable farming methods, there has been a huge strain on soil health and soil productivity. Climate Change and irregular monsoon has led to over dependence and over use of another vital resource - fresh water which is already in short Supply. Agriculture consumes the highest quantity of fresh water available in nature and it needs to be used judiciously and most effectively so that our productivity is maintained along with sustainability of resources. It is high time we start performing precision agriculture so that We supply only "What is needed" for the plants to grow properly. Nibiaa Devices introduces the first two products in a series of Smart solutions focused on measuring soil moisture content and soil health for indoor and outdoor agriculture. Sensors to capture Nitrogen, Phosphorous and potassium in the soil which is vital for overall growth of the plant. Sensor to capture soil moisture and temperature for accurate reading of water content in the soil. By supplying only sufficient quantity of Water needed for the particular crop based on sensor reading , we can reduce water consumption and wastage by a factor of 70-80% and still maintain optimal productivity. Measuring NPK in soil we can reduce the fertilizer utilization by a factor of 30% which will lead to enormous cost savings for the farmer as we prevent over contamination of the soil and nearby water bodies. Precision agriculture will make sure we have sustainable agriculture and feed human species for generations to come. Join us in bringing this transformation to our agricultural sector and help our farmers in the process. Please reach out to us for more information.