About Us

      Nibiaa Consultancy Pvt. Ltd started its operation and registered as a proprietorship firm on 11th March 2015 in Imphal , Manipur, India and provided consultancy services in Computer programming, financial services and management consultancy. The Organization has provided consultancy services to many firms and provided support of new small and medium enterprises, startups by providing them with advisory, administration and other support services. The company registered as a Private Limited Company and incorporated on 21st July 2017 under the Companies Act.2013(18 of 2013) and that the company is limited by shares.

      Nibiaa Devices is a subsidiary of Nibiaa Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. specially focused on Internet of Things (IoT) application and various use cases in Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Smart Building etc. We have in-house capability of providing a complete End-to-End IoT Implementation solution on LPWAN ( Low power Wide area Technology) comprising of Sensors, Gateways, Network Server and Application Server. We also provide LPWAN Technology Network with both public and private network capabilities. 

Mission and Vision:  To enable and facilitate the adoption of emerging technologies and the best practices of the latest innovations across the world for solving local problems and providing a costs effective solution and to improve people’s lives by coming up with meaningful innovations.