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Model No. : VIP-HK12 

Description :
  • 10.1” Touch screen
  • Intercom with Outdoor panel flat panel and Management Center.
  • Support 8 alarm station (Emergency, Smoke Gas, IR, Magnetic contact for door or window).
  • Monitor Max. 8pcs IP cameras (ON VIF protocol).
  • Audio/Video intercom between each indoor monitor.
  • Image/Video/Audio records from outdoor panel
  • Message receiving from management center, Max-64pcs
  • Multimedia playing such MP3,MP4,and photo frame with SD card.
  • Support Smart Home module,Ipad/Iphone remote Control.
  • Easy installation, use international standard RJ 45.
  • Use TCP/IP protocol base on LAN network, no distance and apartment quantity limitation, multi channel intercom.
  • Easy maintenance, automatic fault detection, Software upgrade with SD card.