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Attention Restaurant Owner, Fast-Food Chain Owner 

If you think technology-based Restaurant monitoring Solution is expensive, time consuming and may distrust existing business operations. Think Again!

NibiaaPlax - Smart Restaurant Monitoring is the solution!

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What is Restaurant Remote Monitoring? 


Imagine being able to oversee every aspect of your restaurant's operations from anywhere, at any time. From tracking temperature levels in your refrigerators to monitoring inventory stock, this system offers real-time insights and alerts to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.


With NibiaaPlax Smart automation restaurant remote monitoring system, you're not just managing a kitchen — you're orchestrating a symphony of efficiency and excellence, all from the palm of your hand.


Smart Restaurant Monitoring by NibiaaPlax Platform


NibiaaPlax Smart Restaurant Remote Monitoring Solution helps Restaurant Owners in Optimizing Costs, Ensuring Quality of perishable food items, Managing Staff, Balancing Demand, Adapting To Trends, Customer Experience, Regulatory ComplianceS. 

Powering various Smart Restaurant Use-Cases

Meets Compliance Standards

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NibiaaPlax Smart Restaurant Solution Live Demo 

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